Sekdaprov Attends Opening of PPPK Overview Orientation

The Provincial Secretary Sofian Ibrahim attended the opening of overview orientation of 1300 PPPK (Government Employees with Work Agreements). The PPPK recruitment as many as 1300 people. All of whom consist of formations of functional staff for health workers, agriculture,  teacher and technical personnel. (Photo: Winda).

Bone Bolango Regency, Kominfotik – The Provincial Secretary Sofian Ibrahim suggested all the PPPK in Gorontalo administration not to move assignment after signing the agreement. He delivered this when opened the overview orientation of PPPK at BPSDM office’s yard, Monday (19/2/2024).

Sofian revealed that after signing the work agreement, all PPPK must be obeyed and fulfilled the five-year work period agreement. .

Meanwhile, Sofian also added that currently, many requesting letter to move assignment from PPPKs have begun to be sent to BKD office. Sofian revealed that there was no need to respond them.

He also hoped that all PPPK will be able to serve for five years by working and to do the best thing in assisting their leaders based on duties and functions as well as possible.

Reporter : Winda

Editor : Isam
Translated by Fera Mardaleny

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