10 MPPs have Launched by the Minister of KemenpanRB

Acting Gorontalo Governor Ismail Pakaya at Assembly Hall Bidakara Hotel Jakarta on tuesday in an Inauguration of 10 Public Service Malls (MPP)  (31/11/2023). Photo by Zakir 

On tuesday, Abdullah Azwar Anas, State Administrative Bureaucratic Reform Minister officially launched 10 public service malls accros Indonesia and  held also
Acceleration Coordinating Meeting in order to initiate the development of physical building of MPP (Public Service Malls).

This is aimed to set up and providing transparant, measured and fast services to the public also  enhancing public’s satisfaction and to encourage the growth of investment.

Minister Anas expressed on his remark that the MPPs will continue to be monitored weekly to see whether public services are active or inactive after launching. In terms of monitoring, Minister Anas also added that every week his rank will be record in a video showing without being seen.

The Minister urged that the building should not consume much of the budget. The Governor Ismail Pakaya also suggested that the existing building should be utilized.

This MPPs building offers several public services such as driver’s license,  business license, immigration, legal administration and so on.

Below are 10 regions for Public Service Malls were launched :
1. Regency of Aceh 2. Regency of West Tulang Bawang
3. Regency of Lebak
4. Regency of Buleleng
5. Regency of Sekadau
6. Regency of Palangkaraya
7. Kupang City
8. Regency of Manggarai Timur
9. Regency of Morowali
10. Regency of Bone

Reporter : Echin/Zakir BPG

Translated by : Fera Katili

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