Karawo Embroidery will be Applicated on Traditional Ethnic Clothes in Sulawesi

Gorontalo, Public Relations – The Charming Karawo Embroidery from Gorontalo is not only can be applicated on traditional clothes but also can be applicated on our daily clothes.

Karawo embroidery is such a handicraft from Gorontalo that using fine fabric to embroider.
After removing some layers of thread from the original fabric then make room for the embroidered motif as patterned on the design.

In doing this, any color threads that partially removed must be tied off at each end then can be applicated on traditional ethnic clothes in Sulawesi.

Hopefully the creation of Karawo from some artisan and craftsmen from Gorontalo is not only can preserve the culture but also can beautify the traditional ethnic clothes.
Thus, this is the main message of the upcoming Gorontalo Karawo Carnival 2019 that will be held on 2-6 october 2019.

“We choose theme Wonderful of Celebes for the upcoming Gorontalo Karawo Carnival, on that occasion, participants from all regions in Sulawesi will be free to choose sub-theme such as North of Sulawesi, Central of Sulawesi, Southeast of Sulawesi, South of Sulawesi and West of Sulawesi, the creation of Karawo will be applicated on traditional ethnic clothes from each provinces in Sulawesi”, the Provincial Tourism Agency’s Head , Rifly Katili uttered.

On the other hand, the nalyst of Bank of Indonesia Gorontalo, La Ode M Arief Akbar explained that the Karawo embroidery design on 5 (five) provinces hopefully can enhance the market demand of Karawo itself. So if the purchasing up, the production and price also will raise.

La Ode added that if the demand raised, not only Gorontalo people will get the benefit from Karawo but all the people in Sulawesi will be feel the benefit also

Translated by : Fera Katili

Source : humas.gorontaloprov.go.id

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