Gorontalo Governor Supports The Nature Conservancy of Indonesia’s Bird

Gorontalo Governor, Rusli Habibie, tasting banana chips made of Pohuwato Regency’s residents after launching the Birds of Indonesia’s office at Marisa Sub-District, Pohuwato Regency, Thursday (8/11/2018). Various of nature products are below The Bird’s of Indonesia’s coaching .(foto : Salman – Humas)

POHUWATO Regency, Public Relation- Gorontalo Gov. Rusli Habibie supports the nature conservancy’s effort initiated by Non-profit organization, the Birds of Indonesia, Pohuwato Regency.

At the same time also Gorontalo Gov. launched and signed the epigraph, on the occasion there was Mrs. Idah Syahidah, the Regent of Pohuwato, H. Syarif Mbuinga, the Head of the Birds of Indonesia, the head of wild bird Indonesia’s association’s chairman, Ani Mardistuti and Dian Agista, Executive Director of the Birds of Indonesia.

Rusli hopefully affirmed and fuly-supported this event and he also hoped that not only officially focusing on the Launching event itself but there must be some positive events and concrete ahead.

Rusli evaluated that by coaching residents in the nature conservancy is the best one due to so many nature and wild bird’s problems appears of society’s condition .

Gorontalo Governor, Rusli Habibie (yellow shirt) and The Regent of Pohuwato. Syarief Mbuinga (3rd left) at the Launching of Economy /Development Center and Integrated Nature Conservancy popayato-Paguat at Marisa Sub-District, Pohuwato Regency. Wednesday (8/11/18).(foto : Salman – humas)

In the meantime, Executive Director of The Birds of Indonesia, Dian Agista explained that in Gorontalo Province this program has already conducted since 2009. This is aiming to boost economy for villagers living in this area.

Reporter : Isam
Translated by : Fera Katili

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