Iriana Sets Target Iva Test in Gorontalo Must Be Completed by March 2018

First lady Iriana Joko Widodo (1st R) and Vice President’s wife, Mrs. Mufida Jusuf Kalla (2st R) was delivering speech in a Family-Based Character Seminar at GPCC Building, Gorontalo City, Monday (22/1). Accompanying First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo on the occasion were The Chairwoman of National Family Welfare Movement (PKK), Mrs. Erni Gunanti and the Chairwoman of Provincial Family Welfare Movement , Idah Syahidah (2nd L)

GORONTALO – First Lady, Iriana has set a target for Iva Test or Cervix Cancer Check Up for women in all over Gorontalo Province must be completed by March 2018 . To date, The President RI Joko Widodo’s wife delivering her speech at Family-Based Character Seminar at Grand Palace Convention Centre (GPCC), Gorontalo City, Monday (22/1).
Iriana was asking to some teachers and hundreds of woman who were attending the seminar whether they have already checked up and Iriana also pushed early detection to them. Apparently, many of them acknowledged have not checked up yet.

“I saw many of you here have not done it yet, and I will give a homework to Mrs. Governor, Mrs. Idah Syahidah, please boost all women here who have not checked up and early detection Iva Test and please encourage them to checked up immediately, target must be completed by march.” woman from Solo conveyed

The Chairwoman of National Family Welfare Movement, Mrs. Erni Gunarti Minister of Home Affairs’s wife also has words in line with The First Lady Iriana. She uttered that self- health care must be prioritized regarding in cervix cancer. As we all knew cervix cancer is a second deadly disease after chest cancer.

“if we have illness, other people around us like our family will feel the illness too. Accordingly, do not let this disease be the playfulness for us, the most important thing for us is to do the early detection.

Mrs. Iriana and Jusuf Kalla’s wife, Mrs. Mufidah accompanied by tens of the Working Cabinet Minister’s wives visiting Gorontalo, Iriana also speaks in front of students all over Gorontalo and hold an anti-drug campaign to them. At the end of her working visit, Iriana was given handycraft souvenir Gorontalo taste such as Upia Karanji (a traditional hat from Gorontalo that is made of braided rattan) and Karawo (the traditional embroidery from Gorontalo). It took place at Bank of Indonesia Gorontalo.

Repoter : Ecyhin
Editor : Isam
Photographer : Ryan
Translated by : Fera

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