French Media Promote Gorontalo Tourism

Vice Governor, H. Idris Rahim (mid) was among French media during gala dinner in his residence, Thursday (9/11)

Gorontalo – To promote “Gorontalo, hidden paradise” into the world, local government campaign gathers a large communication due to help tourism to promote its beauty, culture and activities and reach the general public. Furthermore, at gala dinner among foreign media from French in his residence. Vice Governor, H. Idris Rahim said that Pulau Cinta has been identified as one of the potential tourism attractions to more local tourists and foreign tourists, these efforts are being made to promote Gorontalo to the market by this year 2017 since its opening. Thursday (9/11).

“We are so proud and happy to be finally able to welcome visitors, local and foreign tourists who have been visited and enjoyed its natural beauty and amazing tourists destination in Gorontalo, ” Vice Governor concluded.

Vice Governor continued to explain that we truly appreciate French media visit. It is the best way to promote tourism in Gorontalo. He also added that local government keep doing effort in promoting tourism sector to become the leading one of our economy and enhance social welfare.

“Please extend your stay, Gorontalo still has more amazing tourist destination to visit,” Vice Governor firmly said to the seven French media.

On this occasion, Eka Moncarre, as a team leader and representative of Indonesia Tourism Ministry for France said that this working visit of seven French media is aiming to promote tourism destination in Indonesia. Eka added, why choose Gorontalo?, Gorontalo is one of the most enchanting destination in Indonesia beside Bali and Lombok that has so many amazing places to visit, like Pulau Cinta.

Seven French media on the occasion were journalist, photographer, videographer and youtubers. During in Gorontalo, they will be visiting Saronde Island Resort, Eco Resort Pulau Cinta, Bubohu Religious Tourism Village, Olele Marine Park, Otanaha Fortress, Torosiaje Tourism Site and Whale Shark Gorontalo at Tomini Bay.

Reporter : Ecin

Editor : Haris

Photo : Gusti

Translator : Fera Mardaleny

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