Today, Gorontalo Launches New Local Flights with Best Prices

The Acting Gorontalo Governor Ismail Pakaya and his ranks attended the launching of new local flights from Gorontalo city to Pohuwato regency at the Airport of Djalaluddin. The project called Perintis Flight. Sunday (18/2/2024).This subsidized flight was operated by Semuwa Aviasi Mandiri Company (Sam Air). (Photo – Nova) 

Gorontalo City, Kominfotik – Residents of Gorontalo who live far from Pohuwato or other regions in Sulawesi can now book subsidised flights twice a week. Acting Gorontalo Governor Ismail Pakaya launched the initiative at a press conference in Djalaluddin airport by traditional ceremony. The project, called Perintis Flight.


It is intended to make services in the capital area more accessible to people living in the countryside such as from Gorontalo city to Pohuwato Regency or other regions in Sulawesi.

The engine Twin Otter DHC 6-300 with capacity 15 passengers and 4 other persons included pilot and cabin crew.


Acting Governor Ismail Pakaya with his wife and also his ranks do the Sam Air initial flight from Gorontalo ke Pohuwato. For yout information the 2024 Perintis Flight Gorontalo also serves nine routes which are include 3 (three) provinces, such as Gorontalo, North of Sulawesi and Central of Sulawesi. For Gorontalo will facilitate flight twice a week on four routes Djalaluddin – Pohuwato Djaluddin – Pogogul Buol, Djalaluddin – Bolaang Mongondow and also Pohuwato – Mutiara Sis Al-Jufri Palu city.


And for Area II, North of Sulawesi will facilitate once a week the airport of Sam Ratulangi – Bandara Bolaang Mongondow, Siau– Sam Ratulangi, Naha Tahuna – Siau, Naha Tahuna – Miangas, Miangas – Melonguane.


Belows are the flight booking offers :

Gorontalo – Pohuwato  IDR 244.370. Pohuwato – Gorontalo IDR 205.370. Pohuwato – Palu  IDR 479.540. Palu – Pohuwato IDR 519.540. and for the area II ; Gorontalo – Bolmong IDR 263.240. Bolmong – Sam Ratulangi Manado IDR 258.650. Sam Ratulangi – Siau IDR 361.310. Siau – Naha IDR 207.590. Naha – Miangas IDR 382.420. Miangas ke Melonguane IDR 340.790.


Some price offers will be different conditionally due to tax added.


Head of the Djalaluddin Airport Joko Harjani urged that Sam Air, can carry out flights keep on schedule and prioritize safety and security aspects.



Reporter : Echin


Editor : Isam


Translated by Fera Mardaleny



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