Gorontalo Governor Visited Gorontalo Student’ Dormitory in Manado

The Governor Rusli Habibie visited the gorontalo student’s dormitory in st. Sudirman 2 no 2, Wenang sub-distric, Manado city. This visitation was held while on his free time of working visit in manado, friday (7, 2, 2021)

The four floors dormitory had been renovated and finally officiated in the end of December 2020. Rusli urged to all the students in dormitory to take care and clean the building.

“I gave advises to take care of the facilities. Keep the building clean. The students shall have the sense of belongings to the building. When the students graduate and move out from here, the new students will use this building and facilities” the 2 period governor, rusli habibie stated.

The students utilised the visitation of the governor to convey their complains. One of the complains was that the operational cost of the dormitory building is too much for the students who stayed in there in the middle of this covid 19 pandemic.

According to the head of dormitory, Delvis Babuta, there were only 11 of 29 bedrooms had been filled by the students. Some of the students no longer live in the dormitory due to the online study of college.

“We have dormitory fees to pay electricity, wify, cleaning services and other stuffs. Its in the range of 1.4 million rupiahs to 1.6 million rupiahs. There were only not more than 6 occupants in the dormitory because the other students went back to their home. Thus, the operational cost is pretty expensive.” Stated by the head of dormitory.

They hoped the Provincial government could contribute in paying the operational cost and the cleaning services cost of the dormitory. Some of the broken drainages gave impact to the bedrooms which made the bedrooms soaked. This problem was also what the students complained.

Due to those complains, the governor Rusli straightly called the head of provincial government in technical sector for the follow up helps to the complains. The governor could not ensure the operational cost for the dormitory because it has to be discussed and estimated in Local Government Budget first.

Reporter : Isam
Translated by : Pia /Billy
Editor: Fera Katili

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