The Civil Servant Recruitment in Gorontalo will be opened online on September 19th 2018

Gorontalo Province ASN were doing the ceremony

CITY, The Civil Servants Recruitment (CPNS) will be opened online on September 19th 2018. Acting Provincial Secretary , Anis Naki disclosed the schedule of the CPNS Recruitment  when he submitting the document of CPNS Recruitment  to the Gorontalo Governor, Rusli Habibie, Monday (9/9/2018)


“The CPNS recruitment will be opened all at once on September 19th 2018 in some trustworthies portal, the BKN portal,” Anis Uttered.

The Provincial Government will hold a joint meeting with all government in 5 regencies in Gorontalo Province. The term and the schedule detail will be discussed on the forthcoming September 12th 2018.


“There are some steps when we are talking about the technical guidelines that must be fulfilled by Candidates of Civil Servants (CPNS) 2018 ,” Anis delivered.


There will be 300 candidates of CPNS for this year, 250 for the Teacher Formation, 15 for the health formation and 35 for technical formation.


Reporter: Isam

Translated by : Fera  



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