2018 Gorontalo Calendar of Event Launched

Arief Yahya, Minister of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia (middle) get together with Gorontalo Governor (3rd left) at the Launching of Gorontalo CoE 2018 at Ministry of Tourism Indonesia, Wednesday (25/4). All the participants mostly wearing Karawo Fabric and Upia Karanji .

JAKARTA- Arief Yahya, Minister of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia  officially launched 17 Gorontalo CoE 2018 at Sapta Pesona Building, Jakarta. Accompaniying Minister of Tourism, they were Gorontalo Governor, Rusli Habibie, members of the house representatives and city/ district government

Gorontalo CoE 2018 hopefully can create 20 million people come to Gorontalo. Central government target it to reach 275 tourists by 2019 .

Two of 17 Gorontalo Tourism Event will be considered into 100 National Tourism Event . They are Pesona Danau Limboto that will be held on September 21st 2018 and Gorontalo Karawo Carnaval  will be held on October 6th 2018.

According to plan, Central Government will participate in budget amount 1 billion IDR to support the event. The budget will be provided 60 percent for tourism promotion and 40 percent for the event itself.

Dewi Yull, an Indonesian artist performed at the launching of  Gorontalo Tourism CoE 2018, traditional dance art, Karawo Fashion Show and many other attractions have been shown up on this event.

Belows are the detail of 17 Gorontalo CoE 2018 :

  1. October 6th 2018 – Gorontalo Karawo Carnaval (Karawo Fashion Carnival)
  2. September 21st 2018 – Festival Pesona Danau Limboto (the Enchanting Danau Limboto Festival)
  3. May 2nd 2018- Festival Pesona Pantai Pohon Cinta (the Enchanting Pohon Cinta Beach Festival)
  4. May 5th 2018 –Festival Kirab Nusantara (the Archipelago Carnival Festival)
  5. June 7th – Festival Beduk Takbiran (the Bedug Laudation Festival)
  6. June 10th 2018 – Festival Tumbilatohe (Tumbilotohe Festival)
  7. June 23rd 2018- Gebyar Ketupat (Ketupat Fiesta)
  8. June 23rd 2018- Lomba Karapan Sapi, Kuda Gerobak dan Pacuan Kuda (Bull Race Festival)
  9. July 4th 2018- Festival Pesona Benteng Otanaha (the Enchanting Otanaha Port Festival)
  10. July 4 th 2018- Festival Jawa Tondano (Jaton Festival)
  11. July 12 th 2018- Pinogu Adventure
  12. September 15th 2018- Festival Pesona Pulau Saronde(the Enchanting Saronde Island Festival)
  13. September 23rd 2018- Gorontalo Karawo Run
  14. October 13th 2018 – Bone Bolango Explore
  15. Oktober 25th 2018 – Festival Pesona Boalemo (the Enchanting Boalemo Festival)
  16. November 14th 2018 – Pemilihan Nou dan Uti Provinsi Gorontalo (Nou-Uti Award)
  17. December 31st 2018- Festival Boliyohuto (Boliyohuto Festival)

Reporter/editor: Isam

Translated by : Fera

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