Tabongo’s police academy is expected to accommodate indigenous figure

The building construction of SPN (National Police School) at Sub-District Tabongo, Gorontalo Regency will be finished soon. If all goes well, start from 2018 SPN will open registration for new soldier as much as 200 students.

Rusli Habibie, Gorontalo Governor hoped that SPN Tabongo can be more accommodating sons of the region in recruitment process. it can be more give opportunity to the best sons of Gorontalo to be POLRI’s member to open the employement field in Gorontalo.
“In Gorontalo itself there are so many students want to be a police or a soldier. But the test is too complicated and they have to leave for Gorontalo to get the education. Now, here we have already had our own SPN. Head of the Provincial Police and I hope next there will be so many sons of region being educated in SPN Gorontalo,” Rusli Habibie said.

Regional Police (POLDA) itself is still need more over 4000 new members to fulfill all unit in POLDA. According to Governor, regarding to that number will being potential to be brought into the Human Resources Development in Gorontalo.

“For BIntara will get salary approximately 4 million per month. If each year SPN will accept 200 members, so in a 5 years later there will be 1000 members being a POLRI’s members. This would be help the region economic rotation,” Rusli added.

Governor from Golkar party evaluated that SPN will become more strategic point for Gorontalo due to educate new soldier and it can be also as an economic motor for surroundings SPN school. SPN also facilitated with many physical exam adequately and it is available to be functioned for local government, vertical government, banking sectors, private sector for outbond area.

Head of the Provincial Police Brigjen Pol Ahmad Fudail and his subordinates with Gorontalo Governor was held a Tree Plantation and Governor also submit some aids to the local people.

Some aids given are computers and new classroom for Senior High School in Batudaa area amount IDR 1,25 Billion. Governor also submit aids to disabled persons amount IDR 35 million. Disaster-ready village (Desa Siaga Bencana) also accept some aids from Governor amount IDR 22 million, Shallots seed product amount IDR 60 million are submitted to Two Farmer team.

Meanwhile, Governor has just submitted NKRI Peduli non-cash food aids to the 20 thousands Head of Family poor residents in 4 regencies all over Gorontalo Province. Baznas (National Tithe Council) also submit aids amount IDR 100 thousands to a thousands poor residents.

Reporter/editor : Isam
Photographer : Salman
Translated by : Fera

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