Governor Suggests Information System in Gorontalo Airport Using Local Language

GORONTALO – Djalaludin Airport, Gorontalo Province will consider the implementation of Information System using Local Language. This is in line with the Governor’s suggestion, Rusli Habibie delivered this in his meeting with the Head of Djalaludin Airport, Power AS Sihaloho, Monday (20/11) in Governor’s Residence.

Power told that this meeting was discussing many things. He also added that one thing in this meeting should be underlined that the Governor wanted the Information System in the Airport using the Local Language, Gorontalo, beside using Bahasa Indonesia and English.

According to Power, this will be very interesting to be implemented. Due to Governor’s suggestion also regarding to the contribution of the local wisdom preservation.

“ I think it doesn’t matter to accomplish it and our staff in charge at the Airport Information Centre also come from Gorontalo, it will be helpful, they know well how to speak and write in Gorontalo Language.

At the end of the interview Power conveyed that the Governor emphasized about Peace Order Enhancement at the Airport.

“Governor also warned about Peace and Order that we must strive at the airport , Let the guests feel comfortable and secure first. Governor hoped the Djalaludin Airport increasingly move forward,” Power closed.

Reporter : Ecyhin
Editor : Isam
Photographer : Salman
Translated by : Fera

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